Community Driven IDO Launchpad For Shibarium Projects

Gain exclusive access to the most promising IDO launches of reputable projects launching on the Shibarium Ecosystem.

Community Driven IDO Launchpad For Shibarium Blockchain Projects

Gain exclusive access to the most promising IDO launches of reputable projects launching on the Shibarium Ecosystem.

IDO Launchpad

ShibaLauncher is a community-driven fundraising platform that empowers the digital economy within the Shibarium ecosystem.

Equitable token launch

$Shila token holders receives guaranteed IDO allocations, $shila holders can confidently participate in the most promising IDO launches.

Create Farming Pools

Shibalauncher's token creators empower creators to enable their token holders to add liquidity and earn passive income with ease.

Assets Bridge Protocol

The ShibaLauncher bridge facilitates swift asset transfers to Shibarium blockchain, providing users with a seamless experience.

Token Creator

The ShibaLauncher token creator enables anyone to mint Shibarium tokens without technical expertise.


ShibaLauncher provides staking services, allowing users to stake and earn $shila tokens with no lockup period.

Community Governance

$Shila token holders can actively participate in establishing consensus by voting on governance proposals or introducing new proposals for a vote.


The ShibaLauncher Liquidity Locker provides a secure and trustless solution for team members to lock their Liquidity tokens or create Vestings.


ShibaLauncher is an an all-in-one ecosystem for Shibarium IDOs and project incubation. We offer early-stage projects the chance to access crowdfunding in a transparent, fair, and secure manner. We're on a mission to give more utility to the Shiba Token and provide a reliable IDO service on Shibarium.

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1ST Phase

Decentralized IDO Launchpad on Shibarium Blockchain, Hold SHILA Token to be eligible to participate in IDOs

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ShibaLauncher Tokenomics

Token Name: ShibaLauncher Token
Ticker: SHILA
Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
Chain: ERC 20 Chain
Token type: Utility, Governance



Public Sale



Staking Rewards

Ecosystem Development





Q1 2023
  • ShibaLauncher Idea Conceptualization & Development
  • Social Media Launch
  • White Paper Release
  • Community growth
  • Website Launch
  • Pre Sale To Early Adopters
Q2 2023
  • Early Marketing, Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Building on Shibarium Blockchain
  • Public Sale
  • $Shila Token Launch
  • List on Decentralized & Centralized Exchanges
  • CMC & Coingecko Listing
Q3 2023
  • Launchpad Testnet launch
  • Contract Audit
Q4 2023
  • Launchpad Mainnet Live!
  • Onboarding of IDO Projects to ShibaLauncher
  • Integration of NFT launchpad, IGO & INO

Meet the team

Hiro Koji

Lead Developer

Suki Kuma

Solidity Developer

Kira Hachiko

Product Designer

Kiko Mochi

Community manager

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